Nosh restaurant near Terra Apartments Ri
NOSH Restorant - Near Terra Apartments Rijeka

NOSH Cosmopolitan Food

NOSH conquers at first glance with its interior, new terrace, but also the way the entire menu is designed.

Namely, the chef, as a true cosmopolitan, gained experience by traveling and working around the world, so the menu of the cosmopolitan food bar will be a sumptuous fusion of specialties from all over the world.

It is also interesting that the entire menu is divided into two parts, so in the morning you will enjoy delicious dishes from the BRUNCH offer, while the afternoon and evening are reserved for TAPAS.

At brunch, treat yourself to poached eggs, eggs in a skeleton, various types of sandwiches (Upper West Side with grapes and Brie cheese is something you must try!) Salad, granola or pancakes. Refresh yourself in hand-made non-alcoholic hot or cold cocktails or choose a fresh smoothie.

In the afternoon and evening on the menu you will be delighted by various types of tartar, delicious burgers, ribs and wings, quesadillas or gourmet or cheese platter. Both menus abound with delicious dishes that like to try something new, as well as for those who play it safe. There are also vegetarian dishes, spicy dishes for spicy lovers, and you can complete each dish with a fine dessert.

Something for everyone, definitely different, Nosh is a new place on the gastro map of Rijeka that will surely be found on many Instagram profiles, and that is why it is our first choice.

Whether it is a relaxed get-together or a business lunch, this is an urban oasis where you will find, from morning until dinner, a large selection of dishes made from top quality fresh ingredients and an impressive offer of soft and alcoholic drinks.

In short, Nosh is a place that in terms of gastronomy, offers you the world in the palm of your hand. It is a place where you will always feel relaxed at home and to which you will always be happy to return, no matter what the occasion.

The restaurant is located only 20 meters from our apartments.

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 07:00 - 22:00, The kitchen opens from 10:00

Address: Andrije Medulića 8

Contact: +385 98 952 0906