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Top shopping spots in the city of Rijeka - Wondering where locals and travelers do their shopping in Rijeka? Along with three shopping centers, Rijeka offers a number of charming little gift shops and stores where you can find hand made cosmetics, clothing, jewellery and interesting souvenirs. Moreover, if you are looking for a proper local experience, make sure not to miss Rijeka market – Placa and the fish market.

City Market - "Placa"

Across from the “Modello” Palace is the main market, a harmonious compound of two pavilions and a fish market where, in the morning hours the real Rijeka can be experienced. The atmosphere of a “vivid” city, full of fresh fish and fruit and vegetables takes us back around a hundred years and offers the same raw materials that were also available for our ancestors. The first two pavilions were built in 1880 and the fish market at the beginning of 20th century. The main market today is therefore a protected cultural monument.


The opening hours of the city farmer’s market: Mondays through Saturdays, 7am – 1pm/ Sundays 7am – 12pm

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Rijeka City Market Placa

Tower Center

Tower Center Rijeka, with more than 120 stores and 11 megastores, offers a variety of Croatian and international high-street brands, a big supermarket, a number of cafes, kids playroom, bowling alley and multi-screen cinema.  The shopping gallery extends to five floors where you can find a remarkable selection of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories, sport equipment, home appliances, a pharmacy and a currency exchange point. Tower Center Rijeka is located in residential neighborhood Pećine, only a kilometer away from the city center. The mall can be reached by car or public transport.

Address: Janka Polić Kamova 81A

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ZTC Shopping Center

ZTC Rijeka is located a bit outside Rijeka on the road towards Opatija. With over 50 shops on three floors, ZTC offers a variety of stores with clothes, sporting goods, telecommunications and electrical goods, plus a supermarket, pharmacy, an exchange office and ATMs. Make sure to check out the panoramic elevators with sea views over the Kvarner Bay. After a day of shopping you can relax in one of many nice cafes and restaurants.

Address: Zvonimirova 3

Terra Apartments Rijeka - ZTC Shopping Center

Ri Department Store

RI Department Store opened in 1974, connecting a series of historical buildings on Korzo and the Riva. This type of multilevel department store used to be a big hit during Yugoslavia. Not many of them survived modern days. You’ll find a variety of stores, cafes and restaurants inside. However, the building itself isn’t well kept and many premises remain empty. So, if you’re are searching for a big modern shopping center, you might want to have a look at the other shopping options outside Rijeka city center.

Address: Korzo, Riva 6

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Croatia In A Box

If you’re looking for something quite special to bring with yourself as a memory from Croatia or to your loved ones, or even a business partner, check out Croatia In A Box store on Grivica ulica. They offer a selection of unique traditional products carefully packed in a box full of natural goodness. They even have a nice online shop where you can pick your box of goodies and have it delievered anywhere in the world.

Address: Grivica 6A

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Croatia In A Box

Šta da? Happy Hobby Shop

Šta da? is one of the most creative stores you’ll ever set your foot in. Most of the items you see on the shelves are created by Rijeka-based artists, with many of them carrying the famous Rijeka catchphrase Šta da! (‘You Don’t Say!’). You’ll find  hand-sewn bags fashioned from recycled rubber, leather and linen, t-shirts, watches, pillows, necklaces, dresses, diaries, calendars, umbrellas, cups and more. Once you feel the joy, optimism and a good vibe of the store, you might even decide to create something by yourself. Thankfully, the store also offers almost everything you need to start a hobby project. 

Address: Užarska 14

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Šta da? Happy Hobby Shop


Deliiicije shop on Korzo street is a wonderland for gourmands, who want to have a taste of Croatia. At Deliiicije they say that Croatia tastes sweet like ripe figs and juicy oranges, which they use to make jams, cakes and liqueurs. It tastes aromatic, like lavender which they add to chocolate and biscuits. It tastes like dark chocolate and bitter rakija liqueur and spicy chutneys. Hungry anyone?

Address: Korzo, Ante Starčevića 7A

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Industrial Zone Bakar

Today, the Kukuljanovo industrial zone represents the heart of the economic development of the entire region, with a total of 4,500 directly employed persons in the area, to which should be added at least as many employees of subcontractors and suppliers. According to historical data, as well as the growing number of companies that are located in the zone (Lidl, Plodine, Konzum, Bauhaus, Lesnina XXL...) or just intend to do so, Kukuljanovo is arguably the largest and most important industrial zone not only in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, but throughout Croatia.

Address: Kukuljanovo

Terra Apartments Rijeka - Industrial Zone Bakar
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